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Displays a table that can use the String, Numeric, Select or Date formats.


Displays a text field for entering a string and stores the entered string as the subject of the process.


Displays a text field that accepts any character type. Available in both a single line and multiple line format.


Displays a non-editable box and a text field that saves comments in the box chronologically.


Displays a list of options that can be selected by the person in charge of processing, and stores the selection results.


Displays a field for entering the date and a field for hours and minutes, and stores the date and time entered.


Displays a search box for selecting a user on the workflow system.


Displays a text field that accepts numeric values in a specified date format.


Displays a button for selecting and uploading files.

Inquiry Response Flow

Accepts and answers customer inquiries. An answer template is automatically prepared when an inquiry is received via Web form or email. At the Step of [1. Acceptance / Answer], the support person creates answer sentences and replies, or if necessary, chooses to ask an advice or translation request. If the final answer cannot be made at the Step of [2. Create Answer], the process will go to [3. Answer Completion] after sending the primary answer.