Adds new cells after the last row with data in a sheet, inserting new rows into the sheet if necessary.

Data Input

  • W’ : Spreadsheet ID stored in the selected Data Item at W
  • X’ : Sheet GID stored in the selected Data Item at X
  • A’ – J’: Data stored in the selected Data Item at A -J

Service Output

  • In Sheet X’ of Spreadsheet specified by W’, add one row at the end of the sheet and input data to each cell (column A to J)
  • The communication logs will be stored in the data item selected at Y


  • You cannot specify Selected type (Checkbox), Table type, Discussion type in A to J
  • It outputs the Display label of Select type, the Name of User type and Organization type, the File name of File type.
  • For Date type (month-day / year-month / year) it outputs as the date element of “year / month / day” is supplemented with the value of “2000-01-01” when some of them missing
    Spreadsheet ID: 1exampleEXAMPLEexampleEXAMPLEexampleEXAMPLE0
    Sheet GID: 0


2017-11-13 (Expense Report flow-Spreadsheet):Episode 561: Reason for Not Using Cloud Expense Management System (3)