Timer Intermediate Event (Boundary Type)

The Event is defined when a deadline is set on a Human Task and other Task items. Token is allowed to move to the next Step in the Process when the deadline comes.

Configs: Deadline (Human Task)
  • Deadline
    • No deadline
    • After this Task created
      • (select number) (0~) min.
    • After Process started
      • (select number) (0~) min.
    • Datetime specified by a Data Item (Datetime/ Date Y/M/D)
      • (Data Item)
  • Action at Deadline
    • No action
    • Abort task (token will move to Timer Boundary Event)
Configs: Deadline (Receive Task (Webhook) / Receive Task (FORM))
  • Deadline#{EL}
    • Insert reference‚Ķ
      • Process Start Time
      • After a day of process start time
      • After a month of process start time
      • The first day of next month of process start time
      • (Date/Datetime-type Data Items)



  • The deadline in the Task must be set in order for the Timer Intermediate Event (Boundary Type) to appear on the Task icon
  • If the “Abort task” action is selected a flow must be drawn from the Boundary Event to the next icon in the Process
  • The Timer Intermediate Event (Boundary Type) can be defined in Auto-processing Tasks (Receive Task (Webhook) / Receive Task (FORM))

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