This bug has been fixed.

Fixed Version

  • Ver. 13.3.1

Affected Version and Operation

  • Ver.12.2.0 and later versions
  • Operate a Task opened from links such as notification emails

Bug Details

  • Occurs in operating
    1. Opening Task Operating form by one of the following methods
      • Open the Task Operating screen directly from the notification email
      • Open the Task Operating screen via the Process Details from the notification email or Chrome Extension
    2. Closing the Task Operating screen by clicking [Finish “Task”], [Save and Quit], [Quit without Save], etc.
  • What will occur
    • The [My Tasks] list is automatically displayed after finishing the Task, In some cases at this time, not only the Tasks which you are in charge of (original My Task) but all the Tasks that can be displayed (*) may be shown
    • (*) Same as the result of searching from [Operated Task] by removing all search conditions


  • Workround
    • After displaying the list from the [My Task] menu, open the Task Operating screen and finish the Task processing
  • If you encounter this problem, please use one of the following methods to recover
    • Click the [My Tasks] menu to display the list of My Tasks again
    • Click the [Refresh] button in the header of the list to update it
  • This Bug is due to be fixed in the coming version (TBS April 2022)