This problem has been recovered already.

Performance of “Message Start Event (Email)” was lowered during the period between around 07:30 and 08:30 on the 24th of June, 2019 [UTC]. We deeply apologize to the customers for your inconvenience.

Trouble Date

  • Occurred: 2019-06-24 around 07:30 [UTC]
  • Recovered: 2019-06-24 around 08:30 [UTC] (1h)

What Occurred

The following event may have occurred in the workflow platform of which the domain part of the Process Start address of “Message Start Event (Email)” is “”

  • There were some emails for which Process Start was delayed for approximately 30 minutes to 1 hour than usual
  • There were emails which could not Start the Process (could not be received)

Cause of Trouble

Failure of the platform (Google Cloud Platform) used in the processing of email reception to Process Start


Recovered without doing anything

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