Hi Questetra users! I’m Hatanaka, Questetra’s CTO.

Today, I would like to introduce an add-on which is for sending a message to LINE using LINE Notify. LINE Notify is a service that conveys notifications from web services as a message from the official LINE Notify account provided by LINE.

To send a LINE message, it is necessary to obtain a personal access token from LINE Notify beforehand. The destination of a message is chosen from the groups the user has joined or the user themself when obtaining the token. That is, the token includes the information about the destination. By the way, the token is an OAuth 2.0 token.

Now, we’ll look at how to acquire a personal access token. After logging in to LINE Notify with your LINE account, you will get a token by clicking on “Generate token” in the Generate access token (For developers) section at the bottom of My Page.

Please excuse me for obtaining a developer’s token. This is because of the situation on the Questetra side, but it works well enough. Now, all you have to do is create a Workflow App on Questetra and get the Process moving.

I created a simple Workflow App. Its outline is as follows.
A message body is entered at the “Input message” Task and then it is sent at the Service Task “LINE Notify”.
The LINE Notify Task is the add-on I am introducing to you now.

To place the LINE Notify Task on the App you need to import the add-on in advance.
Refer to the document below for how to import an add-on.

Add-on: Post Message through LINE Notify
M415: Adding an Auto-Step to be Used for Business Process Definition

Below are the Editing permissions on the Data Items at each Step.
It is so simple that it has only one Step.

Data Item nameData-typeRequiredMessage body
SubjectString-type single linenoEditable
Message bodyString-type multiple linesYesEditable

Lastly, here is the configuration of the add-on Task LINE Notify.

Config itemSetting
C1. access tokenEnter the access token you have obtained at LINE Notify
C2. Text Message


#{#q_string0} expresses the Message body Data Item. Both Subject and Message body are included in the message.

When you run a Process on this Workflow App, the message you entered in the Message body is delivered from LINE as it was entered in the Process. This screen dump assumes the destination is the LINE user themselves.

Du to the specification of Line, messages can only be sent to people who are friends of the user who acquired the token. Therefore, it can be used only as an internal notification means within an organization. You can probably use it for simultaneous notification within the company when some sort of event happens.

That’s it for today. See you around.

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