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Postal Mailing Process

Accepts internal postal matter requests and assists for sending. Generates “Cover sheet PDF” automatically based on the information entered in the Step of [1. Addressee Info + Sending Materials]. General Affair staff prints out the cover sheet and encloses it and sends. After completing sending, a notification email will be sent to the requester. Capable of accepting requests also from other Processes.

Billing Process

The billing data is entered in [1. Invoice Data Check]. The invoice PDF is automatically generated in [PDF Auto-generation]. When payment is confirmed by accounting, all processing is completed.

Translation Request Flow

Requests for translation of a draft. The sentences entered in [1. Document set] will be delivered to the translator. When the translation is completed (2. translation), the number of characters is recorded and the requester is notified.

Update Choices

Registers/updates the list of choices specified in a Select-type Data Item as both a Choice master (App-shared Add-on) commonly used in the workflow platform, but also an App-specific Choice master (Add-on). It needs to be set up by a User with App Administrator authority.

Article Topic Acceptance Flow

Collects suggestions of topics for articles from internal. Employees posts idea, the editor will receive them. Posting can be made by emails as well. The editor is able to make comments on the idea, and consult with others. The comments made by the editor on an idea will be notified by an email to the suggester.


Displays a text field for entering a string and stores the entered string as the subject of the process.

Generate PDF File

Inserts business data into a Base PDF form and automatically generate a new PDF file. Although Adobe Acrobat etc. are needed for the preparation of a Base PDF, it is also possible to download a Base PDF with selecting fields from the setting screen, unless you do not care about its layout.