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Download Backlog-issueAdd.xml ”GraalJS” is specified as the script engine To use this Add-on, you need to change the script engine and modify the script accordingly Please refer to Notice Concerning Deprecation of Rhino (June 2021) for the method for corresponding. Capture Notes You need to obtain Backlog’s API key beforehand by referring to this page. …

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Pick, Pack and Ship flow-HTTP connect

Outsources the packaging, inspection and shipment operations. The destination and commodity are entered at the [1. Enter Shipping instruction] Task. Then, after confirmation by the Leader, the [4. Packing] and [5. Inspection] Tasks are outsourced to the logistics company via HTTP.

Google Drive: Delete File / Folder

Delete files or folders on Google Drive. You can delete multiple files or folders at once. When you delete multiple ones, you should write one file / folder ID on each line.

Converter: Workflow Datetime to ISO-Datetime-String

Converter: Workflow Datetime to ISO-Datetime-String

Converts Datetime type data (“2021-12-31 20:34” JST) to ISO 8601 datetime string data (“2021-12-31T20:34:00+09:00” or “2021-12-31T11:34:00Z”). As a general rule, Datetime type data is regarded as the time of Workflow Platform timezone.

Converter: ISO-Datetime-String to Workflow Datetime

Converter: ISO-Datetime-String to Workflow Datetime

Converts ISO 8601 datetime string data (“2021-12-31T20:34:56+09:00”, “2021-12-31T11:34:56.789Z”, etc.) to Datetime type data (“2021-12-31 20:34”). Datetime type data is based on the time zone configured for your Workflow Platform.

Progress Report Process

Multiple people will report and summarize the progress of the project. Reporters appointed at the [1. Rapporteur Designation] Step make a report and handle the [2. Progress in Subjective]. With the aggregation of reported values will help to increase the reliability of progress evaluation.

Subcontracting Flow

A flow for concluding a contract with a subcontractor. After entrustment information is registered at the Step of [1. Register Range of Commissioning and Target Outsourcer], the Process is split into drafting a contract in the General Affairs Department and confirmation of past transaction records in the Accounting Department. If necessary, credit setting and security investigation are performed, and the Step of [4. Approval] is operated by the officer in charge.

Article Creation Flow

Publishes web articles regarding topics. The writer writes an article on a topic specified at [1. Topic designation]. At [3. Posting judgment], the editor judges whether to a: Approve, b: Correction, c: Discard, d: Supervision, and proceeds with the processing. The writer will receive an email notification when a written article is posted.

Expense Record Flow

Reports and records expenses after approval/correction. The Process for all employees is automatically started at the beginning of every month. The employee holds the [1. Report] Task until the closing date and inputs the expenses and payments on behalf of during that term. At the [3. Confirmation/Adjustment] Step, the accounting staff makes corrections such as “Payment by corporate card”, and then it is automatically recorded in a Google Sheet.

Approval Flow-Budget Control

A Proposal-approval flow that automatically records the approved spending in a Google Sheet. When a new Issue is entered at the [1. Submit plan draft] Step, the “Budget Consumption Log” (Google sheet) is referred to, and the total expenditure so far is calculated automatically. At the Step of [2. Decision], the approver can make his/her decision confirming the budget consumption situation. The amount approved is automatically added to the “budget consumption log”.

NHK Program Guide: Programs, Search

NHK Program Guide: Programs, Search

Searches the program guide of the specified area channel and date. Keywords filter, Program genre filter or time range filter can be set. The keyword search is applied to the string that combines the program title, subtitle, content, and performers.

Account Registration Reservation Process

Issues user accounts and registers to/deletes from email lists and the Workflow platform/Roles. Information about a user is entered at the Step of [1. Request for Account], then after approval by the supervisor, it is passed to [3. Set accounts]. After that, additions to and deletions from the email list, etc. are automatically executed at the specified date and time.

Acceptance Inspection Request Flow

Responds to inspection after delivery of consignment work. A delivery note PDF is automatically generated from the input information of [1. Delivery information input] and sent. In the Step of [2. Correspond Acceptance/Receiving Acceptance report], there are 4 correspondence patterns of a: Received an acceptance report / b: Deemed inspection passed / c: Extend acceptance deadline / d: Given up delivery acceptance.