You can receive real-time support in the form of video chat with the person in charge of the Questetra support team. Your questions can be solved on the spot, or get more concrete consultation by sharing your screen.

Examples of Consultation

  • “I would like to ask specific setting methods,” “There is something I need to know about settings of the workflow App.”
  • “I want to restrict access, but I do not know the specific settings.”
  • “I would like to consult how to improve and the points for improvement with each workflow App.”
  • “I want to solve my small problems in usage at one time.”

Terms and Conditions of Service

  • Available user: Those who meet both of the following
    • Professional edition customer
    • Those who are registered as “System Administrator” in the workflow platform
  • How to use
    • Advance reservation (request) at least 2 business days before your desired date
    • When reaching the reserved date and time, access the URL described in the reservation completion email to start
  • Available duration / frequency
    • About 1 hour each
    • In principle, once a month for each subscription
  • Available hours
    • Business hours of Questetra, Inc. (Monday to Friday, except national holidays) 9:30 to 16:30 [+9:00 UTC]
    • Of the above hours, no appointment has been booked in the reservation calendar below
    • Book 2 business days before your desired date and time
  • Tool to use
    • Google Meet

Request Form

Please fill in the request form below and submit to make your reservation

If you are using a browser such as Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge, the Submit button may not respond.
When you can not click the submit button, please open this form in a new window/tab then make your application.

Reservation Calendar

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