Lending Management Process
Records and manages lending and returning of company-owned goods to employees. When a loan applicant registers an article in the [1. Lending request registration] Step, the administrator approves and records it, and the applicant is notified by email of the rental of the goods. The return schedule is managed in years and months, and the end of the loan is automatically notified by email in the scheduled return month.
BPMN Nodes
  • 1 1. Lending request registration Lending applicant applies by registering the desired item and period.
  • 3 1x. Rework The applicant corrects and reapplies.
  • 2 2. Record the content of Lending The person in charge confirms the application details and carries out the lending. Returns if any deficiency. Possible to change the person to manage by nominating.
  • 7 3.Return (Expand) The applicant returns the lent item.
  • 9 x1. Timer Date set The system sets the date of the 14th day of the month of the value of the Date-type Data Item “Return Due Date” to the specified data item.
Workflow Diagram (click to open)
Variables (click to open)
  • = Item to lend = 0:
  • User q_User 1: ${processInstance.initQuserId}
  • Name of the Item q_Name 2:
  • Date of lending out q_Lending 3:
  • Return due date q_Return 4:
  • Item manager q_Manager 5:
  • Remarks q_Remarks 6:
  • = Content of lending = 7:
  • Details q_Details 8:
  • = Communication = 9:
  • Internal message q_Message 10:
  • (Timer date) q_Timer 11: Automatically set at x1




  • You need to associate the Swimlane settings according to your organizational structure upon import

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