Twilio FAX Send
Sends the PDF file specified by the URL as a fax.

Data Input

  • C1. ID of Twilio. Acquired at Twilio console
  • C2. Password for accessing to API. Acquired at Twilio console
  • C3. Telephone number of FAX sending source. Acquired at Twilio console
  • I1. Telephone number of FAX sending destination
  • I2. Data to be sent
    • Specify PDF to be sent as FAX by URL
    • It must be a URL accessible from Twilio.

Service Output

  • O1. Data item to store the Status check URL
  • O2. Data item to store FAX SID
  • O3. Data item to store error log


You need to create a project on the Twilio console, and acquire an ACCOUNT SID / AUTHTOKEN / Telephone number beforehand

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