If you have a problem that cannot be solved by referring to documents such as or while using Questetra BPM Suite, please use the following support service. The Questetra support team will support you in expanding the scope of what you can realize and achieve your goals by using Questetra.

WEB FORM / Email
  • Support services that are available according to your subscribing Edition
  • Supports for the resolution of your questions or troubles regarding how to use Questetra BPM Suite
  • Agency work such as workflow App creation and Add-on development, or business consultation is out of support
    • We may conduct reviews and provide samples as necessary
    • If you would like on-behalf work or business consulting, please contact our sales representative
  • For the Trial mode of any Edition, support is equivalent to Basic

Service Details


You can ask about your questions and troubles freely on the web forum, COMMUNITY. Other users and the members of the Questetra support team would answer. All the conversations will be published. You can also browse questions and answers of the past, and answer questions from other users.

Available for users of all Editions of Basic / Advanced / Professional.
(* Please sign up for Questetra Support [questetra.zendesk.com] upon posting for the first time. Anyone is welcome.)

WEB FORM / Email

You can submit your questions via a web form. Your inquiry will be registered as a ticket in our tracking system and the Questetra support team will correspond with responsibility.
You can inquire about general usage and operation of Questetra, such as how to set up workflow Apps, or use search criteria. Also, you can request for an investigation on such as SAML Single Sign-On errors or unintended behavior of a workflow.

The sender must be the registered System administrator of Advanced / Professional Edition.
(* Questetra Support [questetra.zendesk.com] account is required to submit.)
(People other than the “system administrator” can use the “web forum (COMMUNITY)”)


You can receive real-time support in the form of video chat with the person in charge of the Questetra support team. Your questions can be solved on the spot, or get more concrete consultation by sharing your screen.

The user must be the registered System administrator of Professional Edition.(People other than the “system administrator” can use the “web forum (COMMUNITY)”.)
Up to 60 minutes per session is possible with an advance reservation (up to once a month for each contract). We will utilize Google Meet for video chat.

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