Workflow Apps

Invoice Storage Process

A process for electronic storage of received invoices and receipts. This workflow is designed to adapt to the “Revision of the Electronic Book Law 2022” and “Start of Invoice 2023”. The recipient of the invoice registers the PDF invoice and the invoice amount in the received transaction data. The supervisor approves the registered invoices. The workflow platform saves the invoice file as digital data in various types of storage.

Answer Drafting Flow

Accepts questions and designates personnel to create the answer. After receiving a question via a web form or email, the person responsible for preparing the answer will be appointed at the Step [2. Jurisdiction to answer]. Answers are drafted by AI, and person responsible completes it. At the [5. Reviewing terminology and legal] Step the content of the answer is checked, and if approved it will proceed to the following Step.

Business Negotiation Management Process

This is the process of creating a user ID for a customer at the time of a business meeting. The service to be provided is determined according to the sales representative’s proposal. At the same time as the proposal is decided, a preparation request is automatically sent to the service representative.

Postal Mailing Process

Accepts internal postal matter requests and assists for sending. Generates “Cover sheet PDF” automatically based on the information entered in the Step of [1. Addressee Info + Sending Materials]. General Affair staff prints out the cover sheet and encloses it and sends. After completing sending, a notification email will be sent to the requester. Capable of accepting requests also from other Processes.

Billing Process

The billing data is entered in [1. Invoice Data Check]. The invoice PDF is automatically generated in [PDF Auto-generation]. When payment is confirmed by accounting, all processing is completed.

Estimate Creation Flow

Generates a quotation PDF to be approved by the superior. A quotation PDF is automatically generated after the submittee, details and total amount are entered at the Task of “Drafting Quotation”. After the approval of the superior, the status of the Issue is recorded at the Task of [3. Submit Quotation] and [4. Win-loss Report].

Automatic Scheduled Email Campaign

Every morning at 8:00, campaign emails will be automatically sent to the lead 1 day, 5 days, and 10 days after requesting materials. The administrator sets the subject and body of the email in the Day later email basic information connected to the timer start event. In addition, the destination of the mail is extracted from the application and data items set in “Send list extraction”.

Article Topic Acceptance Flow

Collects suggestions of topics for articles from internal. Employees posts idea, the editor will receive them. Posting can be made by emails as well. The editor is able to make comments on the idea, and consult with others. The comments made by the editor on an idea will be notified by an email to the suggester.

Translation Request Flow

Requests for translation of a draft. The sentences entered in [1. Document set] will be delivered to the translator. When the translation is completed (2. translation), the number of characters is recorded and the requester is notified.

Article Creation Flow

Publishes web articles regarding topics. The writer writes an article on a topic specified at [1. Topic designation]. At [3. Posting judgment], the editor judges whether to a: Approve, b: Correction, c: Discard, d: Supervision, and proceeds with the processing. The writer will receive an email notification when a written article is posted.

Approval Flow-Budget Control

A Proposal-approval flow that automatically records the approved spending in a Google Sheet. When a new Issue is entered at the [1. Submit plan draft] Step, the “Budget Consumption Log” (Google sheet) is referred to, and the total expenditure so far is calculated automatically. At the Step of [2. Decision], the approver can make his/her decision confirming the budget consumption situation. The amount approved is automatically added to the “budget consumption log”.

Delete Seminar Application Information

The seminar application information in the kintone application will be automatically deleted. When a request is made to delete seminar application information from the public form, a deletion confirmation email will be sent to the applicant. When the applicant processes the deletion confirmation form in the email, the seminar application information registered in kintone (belonging to the applicant) will be automatically deleted.

Seminar Registration 3

A new feature has been added to the Seminar Registration 2 application. Seminar participants will now be able to answer questionnaires. After the seminar an e-mail will be sent to the seminar participants requesting them to answer the questionnaire, and they can access the URL written in the e-mail to answer the questionnaire. The seminar operator can check the status of the survey responses on a graphical screen.