Workflow Apps

Recruitment Interview Process

This process manages the job application response process. The recruitment office records the information received by the job service. Depending on the position applied for, the interview process is automatically requested from the responsible department.

Item Lending Process Using QR Codes

This workflow is used to confirm receipt and return of items on loan. A QR code is issued upon approval of a loan application and the applicant is notified. The person in charge in the General Affairs Department displays the form from the user’s QR code when lending/returning the item. The loan/return date and time are entered on the form.

Item Lending Process, View Lending List

This workflow accepts applications to borrow items. When a loan application is submitted, the loan status of the specified item is displayed in the list by pressing the search button. The loan status is retrieved from the loaned/reserved application, the period and user are retrieved and entered.

Stripe Billing Process

An independent sub-process that can be invoked by various business flows. Through the Stripe API; 1) Stripe generates a Stripe invoice, and 2) Stripe sends the Stripe invoice. Billing will be done to customers who are already registered with Stripe, but when the customer is not registered, he or she will be billed after being created as a new customer.

Circulation Management Process

The process records the results of a circular sent to dozens of target persons.
The number of persons to be circulated to can be varied.
The recipients can be specified in batches by a list of user email addresses or by targeting organisations.

Entrusted Delivery Flow

The system manages the entire process from order receipt to delivery. The order information is entered in the “1. Order Information Entry” process and the project is started in “2. Confirmation of delivery date, etc.”. The delivery date will be automatically registered in Google Calendar. If multiple projects are progressing simultaneously, you can view the delivery dates for each project on Google Calendar.

Enquiry Response Flow

The system accepts and responds to customer enquiries, automatically preparing a response template when an enquiry is received via web form or email. In the process [1. Accept Query/Write Response], the support person can choose to draft a response or, if necessary, request advice or translation. If a final response cannot be prepared in the process [2. Write Response], the primary response is sent and then the process [3. Final Answer] takes place.

Order Delivery Process

This process manages the configuration work up to the delivery of a web service order.
Work is allocated to the person in charge according to the options specified when the order is received.
The manager can check the person in charge and progress of the configuration work for each project on the flow diagram.

Meeting Report Process

This is the process by which sales representatives record and share the results of meetings with customers.
The sales representative registers the appointment in advance and enters the results after the meeting has taken place.
After inputting the results, the results of the meeting are automatically shared with the relevant parties by email.