Workflow Apps

Lending Management Process

Records and manages lending / returning of company-owned goods to employees. When a loan applicant registers an article in the process of [1. Lending request registration], the administrator approves/records it, and the applicant is notified by email of the rental of the goods. The return schedule is managed in year and month, and the end of the loan is automatically notified by email in the scheduled return month.

Article Return Flow

Records the return of loaned items in management of goods in a government institute. The Process is Started by a return report from the lender or a returning order from the administrator. After approval by the Article Management officer (or Article Inspection officer), the goods are delivered from the Article Service officer to the Article Teller officer.

Event Participation Acceptance flow

Accepts and responds to event participation applications. Starts automatically when there is an input in a published web form. After confirming the application details at the Step of [1. Confirmation/Acceptance Completion Email], the acceptance completion email will be sent automatically. Subsequent exchanges are input at the Step of [2. Record of Exchanges], but if specific processing is required, define an independent Step.

Work Request Flow

Records and manages work requests and completion reports. The requester appoints the request destination and inputs the work contents and desired completion date at the Step of [1. Input Request]. Employees who have been appointed carry out the requested work and report the completion at the Step of [2. Work on Request]. There are advantages such as status of work can be known, records are preserved, performance can be appraised, requests are visualized.

Approval Request Flow

Records Processes beginning from the request for approval to the final approval. A director with approval authority can make a record of approval by simply processing the Step of [2x. Request from the Director] without going through the Steps of Submit and Approve. However, even the proposal was from a director, approval by the officer is required if it exceeds 1 million yen. All approvals are recorded and an approved proposal PDF is automatically generated.

Agreement Conclusion Flow

Manages processes beginning from registration of draft contract to signature and mailing. Once a draft contract is registered, being approved by the supervisor and legal affairs before proceeding to the Step of [4. Get the consent]. Upon obtaining the consent, after confirming by the supervisor, it proceeds to the Step of [6. Signature and Post] where the contract is mailed. Depending on the situation, such as a boiler-plate contract, it is possible to skip the approval of supervisors and legal affairs.

Information Sharing in Shift Work

Manages customer service at the hotel business. When the front desk staff inputs the customer’s checkout at the Step of [1 Report Checked-out], the room cleaning staff carries out the cleaning and ends with [3 Inspect room]. If the staff in charge of the night shift has input what dealt with guest’s complaints, the front desk staff will be notified it so that to be possible an appropriate response at checkout.

Common Password Request

Manage common passwords. Passwords are recorded in Google Sheets and retrieved/updated via the API. The password user requests disclosure at the Step of [1. Password Request]. When the administrator approves, the password is automatically acquired and disclosed at the Step of [3. Password confirmation]. After confirmation, the password recorded in the Data Item is deleted.

Account Registration Reservation Process

Issues user accounts and registers to/deletes from email lists and the Workflow platform/Roles. Information about a user is entered at the Step of [1. Request for Account], then after approval by the supervisor, it is passed to [3. Set accounts]. After that, additions to and deletions from the email list, etc. are automatically executed at the specified date and time.

Contract Approval Process

Registers a draft contract and gets approved by a supervisor and legal dept. The draft contract is revised repeatedly until being approved at the Steps of [2. Approval by supervisor] and [3. Approval by Legal]. After approval, the contract is negotiated and the result is recorded at the Step of [4. Register Conclusion].

Inquiry Response Flow

Accepts and answers customer inquiries. An answer template is automatically prepared when an inquiry is received via Web form or email. At the Step of [1. Acceptance / Answer], the support person creates answer sentences and replies, or if necessary, chooses to ask an advice or translation request. If the final answer cannot be made at the Step of [2. Create Answer], the process will go to [3. Answer Completion] after sending the primary answer.

Boss Evaluation by Ballot

Performs an evaluation for the boss is by anonymous voting. After starting up automatically, assigns the Step of [1. Enter Evaluation on Supervisor] to team members. When the evaluation is entered, automatically adds the evaluation result to the external file for aggregation. Since it deletes the input data from the workflow automatically, the content entered by the evaluator is kept confidential.

Personnel Evaluation Process

Conducts performance appraisal and record as numerical values. Starts automatically at the end of every month, and the person enters self-assessment for each item at the Step of [1. Enter self-evaluation]. The entered numerical value is automatically displayed immediately as a comprehensive evaluation weighted for each evaluation axis. After the boss/executor enters the evaluation, review the feedback.

Employee Information Acceptance

Manages additions/updates in employee information and updates employee masters as needed. The data entered in the Step of [1. Addition / Updating of Employee’s Information] is passed to the Human Resources Department after approval by the supervisor. If the employee master needs to be updated, the current master is retrieved, new data is added, and then the employee master is automatically updated with it.

BPO Shipment Process

Receive product delivery information, pack and ship. It is automatically started when delivery information is received from the consignor via HTTP communication. An invoice is automatically generated, and when the [1. Packing completion] process is completed, “Packing complete” is reported to the consignor’s business process. If “inspection” is instructed as an option, an inspection is performed and a completion report is given.

Progress Report Process

Multiple people will report and summarize the progress of the project. Reporters appointed at the [1. Rapporteur Designation] Step make a report and handle the [2. Progress in Subjective]. With the aggregation of reported values will help to increase the reliability of progress evaluation.

Subcontracting Flow

A flow for concluding a contract with a subcontractor. After entrustment information is registered at the Step of [1. Register Range of Commissioning and Target Outsourcer], the Process is split into drafting a contract in the General Affairs Department and confirmation of past transaction records in the Accounting Department. If necessary, credit setting and security investigation are performed, and the Step of [4. Approval] is operated by the officer in charge.

Graphic Design Request Flow

Manages from accepting designing requests to producing deliverables and delivering. At the Step of [2. Designate], whether to assign a person in charge in the team or to outsource the production is determined. The person in charge of design performs designing work at the Step of [3. Create], but it is also possible to outsource it when it is not possible to respond. Whether production of in-team or external, the deliverables will be delivered after checked.

Invoice Issuance-Sampling Check

Calculates the daily prorated amount and generates an invoice PDF. Based on the information entered in the Step of [1. Enter Number of Days Used], the daily prorated amount is calculated and an invoice PDF file is automatically generated. Although the generated invoice PDF can be checked at the Step of [2. Sampling check], the process will automatically proceed after 10 minutes.