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Google Sheets: Append New Row

Download google-sheets-row-append.xml Capture Notes Spreadsheet ID is contained in the URL. ID)/edit#gid=0

Country Codes

Country codes published by the International Organization for Standardization. There are two-letter codes and three-letter codes and currently 249 countries, territories, or areas of geographical interest are assigned. (International standard, ISO 3166-1:2013)

Zip Code Japan

About 120 thousand zip code master. By incorporating it in the workflow app, it becomes possible to refer to the postal code master in the setting of “Select (search select box)”. The data entry person can narrow down the choices (selection candidates) by entering part of zip code or address. Created based on Japan Post Co., Ltd. “Address Zip Code (CSV format)”.

Questetra-Model-XML Extract Definition

Extracts the definition summary of Business Process. Process-data-definitions (“number”, “data-type”, “name”) and Node (“number”, “name”, “nodeType”) are extracted from Model-XML file in QAR archive. TSV and/or HTML for WordPress are generated.

Google Drive: Delete File

Download google-drive-file-delete.xml Capture Notes Users of C1 need to have configured connection with Google Drive at [Account Settings] > [Google Connectivity] See also Questetra Developers Blog: Utilizing Google Drive from Workflow – Sending files to people outside the company

Journal-TSV Create

Creates the Journal-Slip TSV. The transfer slip TSV of the sales is generated based on the Invoice data. To generate a file that can be imported into the accounting system, place a converter such as “TSV to Excel-CSV FILE” in the downstream process.

Slack: Chat Post Ephemeral

Sends an ephemeral message, which is visible only to the assigned user in a specific public channel, private channel, or private conversation. The user should be in the channel specified. SLACK USER is ID of the user who will receive the message.