This bug has been fixed.

Fixed Version

  • Ver. 14.1

Affected Version and Operation

  • Ver. 14.0.1
  • Downloading a file using the [Export Archive] feature, etc.

Bug Details

  • Occurs in operating
    • Downloading a file using one of the following features
      • [Export Archive] on the App Setails
      • In the App Editor, [Download Sample TSV File] in Bulk Add Data Items window
      • In the App Editor, [Download TSV File] in Bulk Update Data Editing Permission window
      • In Bulk Start of an App, [Download Sample TSV File] in the Import window
  • What will occur
    • May be cases where the loading mask (indicator during rendering) is displayed and does not disappear over time, so the screen is inoperable


  • Please take the following for workaround
    • Reload the page
      • Changes you made to the app settings are automatically saved each time and even if you reload the page, the automatically saved contents will not be lost
  • This Bug is due to be fixed in the coming version (Ver. 14.1)

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