This bug has been fixed.

Fixed Version

  • Ver. 14.0.2

Affected Version and Operation

  • Ver. 14.0
  • Set up Generate PDF File auto-step to output select-type columns in Table-type Data Items to PDF

Bug Details

  • Occurs when the following operation is performed
    • Set the Template PDF as to be inserted select-type columns of Table-type Data Items in Generate PDF File
  • What happens when a defect occurs
    • Input values for select-type columns of Table-type Data Items are not output to the PDF


  • Please consider the following workaround when this problem occurs
    • Add string-type column sub-item to the Table-type Data Item and copy the values of select-type columns to them then output them to PDF
      • Use Script Task or other means to copy values
      • You will also need to update the insertion ID in the PDF file
  • This bug will be fixed in the next release version (Ver. 14.1)

Codes Example

Example of code in [Script Task] to copy the value (display label) of the select-type sub-data item of Table-type A to the string-type sub-data item of Table-type B

  • TableA, TableB: Data Item name
  • selectA, stringB: Field name of sub-data item
  • It is not assumed in cases where Table type A is not entered or select-type sub-data item is not entered.
const listA = engine.findDataByName("TableA");
const defB = engine.findDataDefinitionByName("TableB");
const newList = defB.createListArray();
for (let i=0; i<listA.size(); i++) {
  const value = listA.getObject(i, 'selectA').getDisplay();
  const newRow = newList.addRow();
  newRow.put('stringB', value);
engine.setData(defB, newList);

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