Google Sheets API v4

Approval Flow-Budget Control

A Proposal-approval flow that automatically records the approved spending in a Google Sheet. When a new Issue is entered at the [1. Submit plan draft] Step, the “Budget Consumption Log” (Google sheet) is referred to, and the total expenditure so far is calculated automatically. At the Step of [2. Decision], the approver can make his/her decision confirming the budget consumption situation. The amount approved is automatically added to the “budget consumption log”.

Expense Record Flow

Reports and records expenses after approval/correction. The Process for all employees is automatically started at the beginning of every month. The employee holds the [1. Report] Task until the closing date and inputs the expenses and payments on behalf of during that term. At the [3. Confirmation/Adjustment] Step, the accounting staff makes corrections such as “Payment by corporate card”, and then it is automatically recorded in a Google Sheet.

Google Sheets: Sheet, Append TSV

Google Sheets: Sheet, Append TSV

Adds the TSV dataset after the last row. New rows will be inserted into the sheet if necessary. Only the specified columns of TSV are added, column ID with an identifier “d” as Datetime, and column ID with an identifier “n” as Numeric; eg “0,2d,5n”.

Google Spreadsheets Cell Value Update

Download GoogleSheets-valueUpdate.xml Since Rhino (deprecated) is specified as the script engine, a setting error will occur even if you install this in a workflow App To use this Add-on, you need to change the script engine and modify the script accordingly Please refer to Notice Concerning Deprecation of Rhino for the method for corresponding. A …

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