Input Output test for all data types
I/O tests for various data types are possible. String-type, Numeric-type, Select-type, Date-type, Datetime type, Files-type, User-type, Organization-type, Discussion-type, Table-type and Guide-Panel.
Worker (#of Swimlane: 3)
  • Worker A
    • A work step that humans are in charge of. Generates an input form (Operating screen) automatically in accordance with the editing permission settings on Data Items.
  • Worker B
  • Collab-Workers C
    • Allocates Tasks to multiple members of a team that have similar responsibilities. By default, the token advances when a single user finishes handling the Tasks in a Team Swimlane.
Business Flow (Complexity of Workflow: 6)
  • 1 Task 1
    • First Step
  • 5 Task 2
    • Second Step for Worker B
  • 3 Task 3
    • Second Step for Workers C
Business Process Variables (#of Data Item: 20)
  • Singleline String q_Singleline_String 0*
    • Displays a text field that accepts any character type. Available in both a single line and multiple line format.
    • #{processInstanceId}
  • Multiline String q_Multiline_String 1
  • Integer Number q_Integer_Number 2
    • Displays a text field that accepts only numeric values.
  • Decimal Number q_Decimal_Number 3
  • Decimal Number with USD Prefix q_Decimal_Number_with_USD_Prefix 4
  • Option Array Selected with Radio q_Option_Array_Selected_with_Radio 5
    • Displays a list of options that can be selected by the person in charge of processing, and stores the selection results.
  • Option Array Selected with SelectBox q_Option_Array_Selected_with_SelectBox 6
  • Option Array Selected with SearchSelectBox q_Option_Array_Selected_with_SearchSelectBox 7
  • Options Array Selected with Checkbox q_Options_Array_Selected_with_Checkbox 8
  • Date q_Date 9
    • Displays a text field that accepts numeric values in a specified date format.
    • processInstanceStartDatetime.addDays(-1)
  • Date YYYY MM q_Date_YYYY_MM 10
  • Date YYYY q_Date_YYYY 11
  • Date MM DD q_Date_MM_DD 12
  • Datetime q_Datetime 13
    • Displays a field for entering the date and a field for hours and minutes, and stores the date and time entered.
  • Files Array q_Files_Array 14
    • Displays a button for selecting and uploading files.
  • Quser q_Quser 15
    • Displays a search box for selecting a user on the workflow system.
  • Quser Selected with SearchSelect q_Quser_Selected_with_SearchSelect 16
  • Qorganization q_Qorganization 17
    • Displays a search box for selecting an organization on the workflow system.
  • Discussion q_Discussion 18
    • Displays a non-editable box and a text field that saves comments in the box chronologically with information of the date, time and name of the User who commented.
  • Table q_Table 19
    • Displays a table that allows input to String, Numeric, Select or Date-type Data Item formats. Any number of rows can be added when entering data.

Field Name, num, Initial Value


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