Extracts the value of the specified parameter from the serialized query-string (e.g. “a=123&b=456”) and stores it as workflow data

Data Input

  • A’: Query String stored in the Data Item selected at A

Service Output

  • The “value of the parameter” corresponding to the parameter name (set by config) is stored in C


  • It can be used such as for extracting necessary data from x-www-form-urlencoded which has received via Webhook
  • If there is no parameter name in the query string, automatic processing will result in an error
  • When storing it as numerical data, it follows the specifications of parseFloat ()
  • When storing it as numerical data, “314e-2” or “0.0314E + 2” will be “3.14”. (will be “3” when the format is decimal place 0 digit)
  • When storing as numeric type data, NaN and Infinite cause an error in automatic processing
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