Google Group Member Deletion
Deletes members (email address) from Google Group. It is possible to respond to email newsletter delivery cancellation, or to delete automatically from the group when employees move or leave the company.
2017 © Questetra, Inc. (MIT License)
  • A: Set OAuth2 Config Name (at [OAuth 2.0 Setting]) *#{EL}
  • B: Select STRING/CHECKBOX for Group Address (Non-existent Error) *
  • C: Select STRING DATA for Email to Delete *
  • X: Select STRING DATA for Access Log (update)


  • GoogleGroup-memberDelete.xml
    • Since Rhino (deprecated) is specified as the script engine, a setting error will occur even if you install this in a workflow App
    • To use this Add-on, you need to change the script engine and modify the script accordingly
    • A modified version is in preparation



  • You need to Enable [Admin SDK Directory API] at Google Developers Console beforehand and obtain “Client ID” and “Client secret”
  • On G Suite domain administration screen, authorize “Client ID” and its communication scope

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