Box: Delete Shared Link of File
Deletes a Shared Link URL for the specified file on Box. An error will occur if there is no shared link.
Configs: Common
  • Step Name
  • Note
  • C1: OAuth2 Setting *
  • C2: File ID to delete Shared Link *


  • The file ID is contained in the URL: https://{sub-domain} ID)
  • Box refresh tokens have an expiration date. Use it regularly to ensure that it does not exceed the expiration. (Box: Token & URL Expiration)
  • If there is no shared link it will result in an error


See also

Script (click to open)
  • An XML file that contains the code below is available to download
    • box-file-link-delete.xml (C) Questetra, Inc. (MIT License)
    • If you are using Professional, you can modify the contents of this file and use it as your own add-on

function main() {
  const oauth2 = configs.get("conf_OAuth2");
  const fileId = decideFileId();
  checkExistingSharedLink(oauth2, fileId);
  deleteSharedLink(oauth2, fileId);

 * ファイルのIDをconfigから読み出して出力する。
 * @return {String} fileId ファイルの ID
function decideFileId() {
  let fileId = "";
  const fileIdDef = configs.getObject("conf_FileId");
  if (fileIdDef === null) {
    fileId = configs.get("conf_FileId");
  } else {
    fileId = engine.findData(fileIdDef);
  if (fileId === "" || fileId === null) {
    throw "File ID is blank";
  return fileId;

 * ファイルに共有リンクが作成されているか調べ、無い場合はエラーにする
 * @param {String} oauth OAuth2 設定
 * @param {String} fileId ファイルの ID
function checkExistingSharedLink(oauth2, fileId) {
  const url = `${fileId}?fields=shared_link`;
  const response = httpClient.begin().authSetting(oauth2).get(url);

  const status = response.getStatusCode();
  const responseTxt = response.getResponseAsString();

  if (status !== 200) {
    throw `Failed to get file information. status:${status}`;
  const jsonRes = JSON.parse(responseTxt);

  if (jsonRes.shared_link === null) {
    throw `Failed to Delete Shared Link. \n The file(ID:${fileId}) doesn't have a Shared link.`;

 * Delete Shared Link to File on Box 共有リンク削除
 * @param {String} oauth2 OAuth2 設定
 * @param {String} fileId 共有リンクを削除したいファイルのID
function deleteSharedLink(oauth2, fileId) {
  const jsonBody = {};
  jsonBody["shared_link"] = null;

  const url = `${fileId}?fields=shared_link`;
  const response = httpClient
    .body(JSON.stringify(jsonBody), "application/json; charset=UTF-8")
  const status = response.getStatusCode();
  const responseTxt = response.getResponseAsString();
  if (status !== 200) {
    const error = `Failed to delete. status:${status}`;
    throw error;
  engine.log(`status: ${status} Shared Link was deleted, file ID: ${fileId}`);

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