BPMN Icons

Start: kintone: Record’s Datetime Field

Start Process when time in Record’s datetime field has passed, on a kintone App. It is able to specify record “Created datetime” “Updated datetime” as datetime field.

Box: Download File

Download the specified file in Box. If you do not specify a file name, it will be saved with the file name in Box.

Service Task (HTTP Request to Start Event)

An automatic step that sends an HTTP request to Message Start Event (HTTP) on the same workflow platform. You can easily establish an inter-app connection simply by setting the send data. When a workflow App including Message Start Event (HTTP) is released, the corresponding Service Task is automatically generated.

Human Task

A work step that humans are in charge of. Generates an input form (Operating screen) automatically in accordance with the editing permission settings on Data Items. When the allocated operator fills out the form and finishes the Task, the token advances.Capable of setting branching by Operator’s choice upon finishing the Task, and also a deadline.

Team Swimlane

Bundles Tasks which members of a team of particular workers will be in charge of. In principle, the token advances when a single user finishes handling the Tasks in a Team Swimlane. The team of Operators is set using the information of Organization and Role and the relationship with the Operator of other Swimlanes.

Receive Task (Webhook)

Holds the token and awaits a webhook (HTTP request) at a specific URL. Advances the token when a webhook for the specified HTTP method is received. Capable of storing the received request body in a String-type Data Item. Also possible to return an HTTP response with Business Data inserted.


Bundles Tasks which particular worker will be in charge of. In principle, a single user handles Tasks in a Swimlane. The Operator is set using the information of Organization and Role and the relationship with the Operator of other Swimlanes.

Receive Task (FORM)

Publishes a Web form when a token arrives and awaits input to the web form. Advances the token if there is an input to the web form. The Web form can be submitted by users who don’t have an account for the Workflow platform. The user is notified of the web form URL by email, etc.

Script Task

Executes ECMAScript (program) on the server side and updates business data automatically. Capable for more complex processing than [Service Task (Data Assignment)] such as conditional branching and repetition processing, HTTP communication with the outside, email transmission, etc.

Service Task (PDF Generation)

Inserts business data into a Base PDF form and automatically generate a new PDF file. Although Adobe Acrobat etc. are needed for the preparation of a Base PDF, it is also possible to download a Base PDF with selecting fields from the setting screen, unless you do not care about its layout.

Service Task (Choices Update)

Registers/updates the list of choices specified in the Select type Data Item as an Options Master (Add-on) which is available for Apps common. It needs to be set up by a User with system administration authority.

Google Drive: File Upload

Uploads files specified in File Type Data Item to the specified folder of Google Drive. Capable of obtaining the file ID, the display URL, and the download URL as the response and storing them in a String type Data Item.

Service Task (Data Assignment)

Automatically updates Business Data with the specified value or the evaluation result of the formula. Capable of updating several Data Items also in one automatic Step.