2021-05-25: Published.
2021-09-28: Postponed the retirement schedule from Oct. 2021 to Jan. 2022.

Questetra is continuously improving, adding functions and addressing security issues so that our users can use our service more comfortably and safely.

Although we used to allow [Update Data (formerly ‘Service Task (Data Assignment),’ changed the name since v13.2)] to refer to data using a “Data Definition ID”, we found it difficult to know which Data Item was being referenced with the automatically assigned ID. As of August 2021 we are supporting referencing data using the Field Name, in which users can set any character strings.

Background and Response to the Discontinuation

The Field Name became available in Ver. 11.10 released in April 2019, and both the Data Definition ID and Field Name could be used for referencing data in a [Update Data]. When upgrading to Ver. 12.3 (January 2021), data references using Data Definition IDs were automatically replaced with data references using the Field Name. As a result, data references using a Data Definition ID caused an application definition error.

However, some of the data reference formulae that update the value of String-type Data Items could not be replaced automatically. Even if data references using Data Definition IDs remain, applications that are already in operation will continue to work as before. However, as previously announced, data references using Data Definition IDs will be discontinued in the next version Ver. 13.2 (scheduled for October 2021) version Ver. 13.3 (scheduled for January 2022), so values set in Data Items will no longer be able to be referenced.

Examples of an existing reference formula that uses a Data Definition Id

  • The second or subsequent argument of a function such as #sformat()
    • #{#sformat(“%1.1f”, data[‘0’])}
  • The first argument of a function such as #format () and there is a space before it
    • #{#format( data[‘0’], ‘yyyyMMdd’)}
  • An argument of a method such as String#substring()
    • #{#q_string1.substring(0, data[‘0’].length() > 10 ? 10 : data[‘0’].length())}

Therefore, for Workflow Apps that use the reference formula “data[‘0’]” (data definition id: 0) with the Data Definition ID for updating String-type Data Items in a [Update Data], we would like you to change it to one that uses the Field Name (#q_field_name).

System administrators of Workflow platforms that may be using such settings will be sent an email with the following information: ‘[Questetra] Data reference using Data Definition ID will be discontinued (October 2021).’

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