In the new version 12.1 that was released on Monday, July 13, we have improved the ”My Tasks” and “Offered” list to display specific Tasks that can now be narrowed down according to their purpose. In addition to that, it has become possible to show business data for each operation. For example, if you set filter conditions according to the main processes you are responsible for, the words in the Title, and Tasks approaching their deadlines, you can view an individual list of the Tasks that meet those conditions in one click.

In addition to that, you can select a Business App to display a list of the Tasks associated with it and easily switch between Apps.

・Supports narrowed search, paging, and change of display items
・Search conditions can be saved and displayed in the side menu
・You can specify an App and display the Data Items
・Discontinued the Grouping feature
 - By saving the search conditions and keeping them in the side menu, you can display by each App/Process, etc. using them
 - The following defects related to the Grouping feature will be removed
 - When Selecting an Item in the List, Another Checkbox Reacts

v12.1 2020-07-13 Supports Narrowed Search and Data Item Display in [My Tasks]

Support for opening specific Tasks in a new tab

Do you use filters and sort your emails with an email software? Especially when you have received a lot of emails, they are very convenient. Moreover, if you use them well, they are effective in improving work efficiency and preventing oversights.

Questetra is now able to do the same!
If you specify a search condition (Filters & Display items) and save it with a name (List Name), the list name can be displayed in the side menu. Saving multiple lists enables you to switch between lists of specific Tasks that meet certain conditions with one click, or open them in a new tab.

If you’ve previously used the Grouping feature to display Tasks grouped by App or process, you can group the Tasks by purpose in the new version. However, it doesn’t support an OR search. Instead, with the Task list of each App, you can switch the display and show each list in a new tab with one click.

For example, you can list only the Tasks that are due within 2 days with the following steps.

  1. Open [My Tasks]
  2. Add a [Task Deadline] in the [Filters] of the [Search Condition]
  3. Specify “#today.addDays (2)” in the right field (it means “2 days from today”)
  4. Click [Update] to filter the Tasks in My Tasks
  5. Click [Save List] in the lower right corner, enter the [List Name] and click [Save]

When saving the list, it is added to the side menu. You can click the added menu item to open the Task list.

We also recommend that you use “Starred” and “new arrival” for a Task list.

  • “Starred”: Add “” as a Search Condition and check the box
  • “New arrival”: Add “Task Offer Date” as a Search Condition and enter “#now.addHours (-12)” in the left-field
    • Tasks that have been offered within 12 hours

Support for business data comparison in Task list

Finally, we could respond to requests to display business data in My Tasks.

In the previous version, you had to open My Tasks, Offered, and Detail to check the business data of the Task. In some cases, you had to check both the listings and detail of the Task to identify a high-priority project.

In the new version, My Tasks and Offered allow you to specify Display items as well as a Process or Task search.

When you specify a workflow App, the Data Items defined in that App appear and you can specify which of them will be displayed. On the other hand, when you don’t specify a workflow App (All Apps), only the Data Items which are generally defined in all Apps on Questetra BPM Suite are displayed.

When selecting a data item to be displayed, a list of the entered data for that item will be displayed, which helps you to compare business data for multiple projects.
If you check the list of Tasks to be handled in My Tasks, you can process them smoothly and sequentially. In the case of Offered, you can accept Tasks to be handled all at once.

Regarding My Tasks and Offered in the new version, it has been requested that we display the number of Tasks in an individual list and list the business data of multiple Apps. For the user’s convenience and to make it even easier to use than before, we will continue to improve the functions and interface.

Due to the change of the interface, you may not get used to it immediately, but we hope you will take advantage of My Tasks and Offered in the new version.

If you have some requests or ideas for improvement, you can inform us via “User Voice

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