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Recently, I have prepared some add-on XML Service Task definition files for cooperation with several enterprise social networking tools in response to some requests.

In this post I’ll introduce one for connecting with Hangout Chat.

1. Overview of linkage between Hangout Chat and Questetra
2. Settings on Hangout Chat
3. Settings on Questetra
4. Summary

1. Overview of linkage between Hangout Chat and Questetra

The processing flow is like the following diagram.
In the example flow, the result of an approval request on Questetra is posted to Hangout
Chat with the link to the details.

2. Settings on Hangout Chat

After creating a chat room configure the webhook and obtain the post URL, then write it down.

3. Settings on Questetra

Use the following add-on.

* Although it is also possible using a Throwing Message intermediate Event (HTTP) in accordance with the API definition, using an add-on is easier.

* See the following for the details of the Throwing Message Intermediate Event (HTTP)
M225: Auto Sending of HTTP Request with Business data Inserted

Download the add-on file below and import it to the Questetra App in reference to this page (M415).

Hangouts Chat Post Message

Config items are as follows.

Config nameRequiredType
A: Endpoint URLRequiredEnter the endpoint URL obtained earlier
B: Select TEXT DATA for TextRequiredSelect a String-type Data Item (multiple lines) that is storing the text you want to post
X: Select TEXT DATA for LogOptionalSpecify a String-type Data Item to store log output if needed

* If you set up the following as the initial value in the text field of a Data Item, the wording to be posted will be prepared automatically.
(Substitute the part “XXX.questetra.net” with the value of your own environment.)

Your request has been approved. [Details] https://XXX.questetra.net/OR/ProcessInstance/#{processInstanceId}/view

Otherwise, there is another method using an [Update Data] before the add-on.
Related document: M227: Auto Executing Data Binding, Arithmetic Operations

4. Summary

When you run it, it will be posted like the following.

Thus, you can insert processing for posting to Hangout Chat into a business flow using only simple settings.

If you have any questions please feel free to Contact us.

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