Service Task (Data Assignment)

Service Task (Data Assignment)

Automatically updates Business Data with the specified value or the evaluation result of the formula. Capable of updating several Data Items also in one automatic Step.

Configs: Common
  • Name
  • Note
  • Allow to clear the required data item
  • (Add assignment setting)
  • Data item to save the value or the result of the expression *
    • Value or Expression #{EL}
    • Insert data reference
      • Title
      • Process Start User
      • Process Start Organization
      • Process ID
      • Process Start Datetime
      • Process Sequence Number
      • App ID
      • App Nmae
      • (Data Items)
      • System Variable: Application Root URL



Config Examples

  • Automation Name: “j++”
    • Output Type: numeric
    • Expression: “#q_intJ + 1
  • Automation Name: “Total”
    • Output Type: numeric
    • Expression: “#q_numSubtotal1 + #q_numSubtotal2
  • Automation Name: “Last day of the previous month”
    • Output Type: date
    • Expression: “#today.addMonths(-1).getLastDateInMonth()
  • Automation Name: “Formatted Title”
    • Output Type: title
    • Expression: “HR: #{#q_employeeName}, #{#q_termOfEmployment}
  • Automation Name: “Timestamp File Name”
    • Output Type: Singleline String
    • Expression: “invoice-#{processInstanceId}-#{#format(#now, ‘yyyyMMddHHmm’)}.pdf
  • Automation Name: “Email Draft”
    • Output Type: Multiline String
    • Expression:
      • Dear #{#q_customerName},
        If you need to contact support, please include this reference: #{processInstanceId}
        Best regards,

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