Update Data

Automatically updates Business Data with the specified value or the evaluation result of the formula. Capable of updating several Data Items also in one automatic Step.

Configs: Common
  • Step Name
  • Note
  • Allow to clear the required data item.
  • Select data item to be set value *
    • (Data Items)
  • (Setting)
    • (Edit settings)
      • Value or Expression #{EL}
        • Insert reference…
          • Title
          • Process Start User
          • Process Start Organization
          • Process ID
          • Process Start Datetime
          • Process Sequence Number
          • App ID
          • App Nmae
          • (Data Items)
          • System Variable: Application Root URL
    • (Remove)
    • (Slected Data Item)
    • (configured Value or Expression)



  • If Value or Expression is empty, the value of the Data Item will be cleared
  • You can set assignment settings (updating of values) to multiple Data Items in one Step
  • If you set multiple assignment settings those will be executed concurrently, so there is no order of updating
  • Data Item references are inserted in Expression Language using Field Name
  • #dateFormatter.format() is also available when you want to change the format of date and time information
    • #dateFormatter.format(): format() method of “com.questetra.bpms.core.event.scripttask.DateFormatWrapper” class
  • #sformat () is also available when you want to change the format of text string information arbitrary
    • #sformat(): format() method of “java.lang.String”
  • Format of Automatic Assignment
  • The expressions of Data items to be stored – Title, String Type, Date Type, and Datetime Type – are along with the implement of SpEL (Spring Expression Language).

Config Examples

  • Automation Name: “j++”
    • Output Type: Numeric Type
    • Expression: “#q_intJ + 1
  • Automation Name: “Total”
    • Output Type: Numeric Type
    • Expression: “#q_numSubtotal1 + #q_numSubtotal2
  • Automation Name: “Last day of the previous month”
    • Output Type: Date Type
    • Expression: “#today.addMonths(-1).getLastDateInMonth()
  • Automation Name: “Formatted Title”
    • Output Type: Title
    • Expression: “HR: #{#q_employeeName}, #{#q_termOfEmployment}
  • Automation Name: “Timestamp File Name”
    • Output Type: String Type (Singleline)
    • Expression: “invoice-#{processInstanceId}-#{#dateformatter.format(‘yyyyMMddHHmm’, #now)}.pdf
  • Automation Name: “Email Draft”
    • Output Type: String Type (Multiline)
    • Expression:
      • Dear #{#q_customerName},
        If you need to contact support, please include this reference: #{processInstanceId}
        Best regards,

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