Service Task (Data Assignment)

Automatically updates Business Data with the specified value or the evaluation result of the formula. Capable of updating several Data Items also in one automatic Step.

Configs: Common
  • Step Name
  • Note
  • Allow to clear the required data item.
  • Select data item to be set value *
    • (Data Items)
  • (Setting)
    • (Edit settings)
      • Value or Expression #{EL}
        • Insert reference…
          • Title
          • Process Start User
          • Process Start Organization
          • Process ID
          • Process Start Datetime
          • Process Sequence Number
          • App ID
          • App Nmae
          • (Data Items)
          • System Variable: Application Root URL
    • (Remove)
    • (Slected Data Item)
    • (configured Value or Expression)



  • If Value or Expression is empty, the value of the Data Item will be cleared
  • You can set assignment settings (updating of values) to multiple Data Items in one Step
  • If you set multiple assignment settings those will be executed concurrently, so there is no order of updating
  • Data Item references are inserted in Expression Language using Field Name
  • #dateFormatter.format() is also available when you want to change the format of date and time information
    • #dateFormatter.format(): format() method of “com.questetra.bpms.core.event.scripttask.DateFormatWrapper” class
  • #sformat () is also available when you want to change the format of text string information arbitrary
    • #sformat(): format() method of “java.lang.String”
  • Format of Automatic Assignment
  • The expressions of Data items to be stored – Title, String Type, Date Type, and Datetime Type – are along with the implement of SpEL (Spring Expression Language).

Config Examples

  • Automation Name: “j++”
    • Output Type: Numeric Type
    • Expression: “#q_intJ + 1
  • Automation Name: “Total”
    • Output Type: Numeric Type
    • Expression: “#q_numSubtotal1 + #q_numSubtotal2
  • Automation Name: “Last day of the previous month”
    • Output Type: Date Type
    • Expression: “#today.addMonths(-1).getLastDateInMonth()
  • Automation Name: “Formatted Title”
    • Output Type: Title
    • Expression: “HR: #{#q_employeeName}, #{#q_termOfEmployment}
  • Automation Name: “Timestamp File Name”
    • Output Type: String Type (Singleline)
    • Expression: “invoice-#{processInstanceId}-#{#dateformatter.format(‘yyyyMMddHHmm’, #now)}.pdf
  • Automation Name: “Email Draft”
    • Output Type: String Type (Multiline)
    • Expression:
      • Dear #{#q_customerName},
        If you need to contact support, please include this reference: #{processInstanceId}
        Best regards,

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