How to Utilize Receive Task (Form) – Email Address Verification through Webform Application

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Today, I would like to mention about how to utilize “Receive Task”, a new feature added to version 11.7, as the chief Developer of Questetra.

v11.7 2018-06-11 Equipped the Open Form that Receives Entry in the Middle of Workflow

Questetra already has a function for receiving applications from people outside of the system. That is “Message Start Event (Form)”. For the details of this feature, please see the following.

M220: Auto Starting Triggered by Published Web Form Entry

“Receive Task (Form)” provides an input form to people outside the system in the same way as the “Message Start Event (Form)” However, it differs from the Start Event for that it is placed in the middle of a Process.

Now, we are going to create a simple Workflow App for receiving applications using Message Start Event. However, we use a Receiving Task (Form) to confirm the existence of the applicant’s email address on the way. The Steps are as follows.

#1, Have an applicant input an email address at Message Star Event (Form)
#2, Send an email to the email address entered at #1 to inform the URL of #3
#3, Let the applicant input the rest of information at a Receive Task (Form)
#4, The Human Task is something additional

The list of Data Items is as follows. The Title is practically not used.

Data Item Type Required Start Event
Receive Task
Human Task
Title Only display
Email address String type
single line
Editable Only display Only display
Name String type
single line
Editable Only display
Form key String type
single line
Only display
Initial value


“Form key” is specified in “API key” of Receive Task (Form).

By the initial value setting, “Form key” is generated to be a string of 20 random characters that is different for each Process. If this is set to a fixed value, the URL of the third Step can be easily inferred, so that raising concern that email addresses entered in the first Step will leak to a third party.

Lastly, set up the Throwing Message Intermediate Event (Email) of the second Step.
Here, it is the point to tell the URL of the third Step.
That is, since only the person who received the email knows the URL of the third Step, it works as the confirmation of the existence of the email address.

${[Email address:0]}
Subject Thank you for applying
Please access the following URL, and enter the rest of required information.

${var[applicationRoot]}System/ReceiveTask/Form/1760/2/${[ProcessID]}/${[Form key:2]}/view

In this current scheme, there is no deadline for the third Step.
It should be better to treat the application as canceled, if it is not processed within a certain period of time.
I would like to mention regarding that on another occasion.

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