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Previously, I have posted an article concerning a collaboration between Zendesk and Questetra (How to Collaborate Zendesk with Cloud Workflow). This post is a continuation of that, and I am going to achieve the following.

  1. Create a ticket on Zendesk and send its data to Questetra to start a Workflow
  2. Process the work according to the Workflow in Questetra
  3. When the work is completed on Questetra, send the data back to Zendesk and update the ticket status to Solved

Similar to other ticket management systems, Zendesk cannot stipulate the order in which processes are performed. By combining it with Questetra you can compensate for this.

I will describe how to configure that collaboration.

1. How to Start Questetra Workflow from Zendesk
2. How to update tickets on Zendesk from Questetra
3. Summary

1. How to Start Questetra Workflow from Zendesk

This will be accomplished by sending an HTTP request from Zendesk to Questetra.
Please refer to the previous post for the details.

2. How to update tickets on Zendesk from Questetra

Send an HTTP request from Questetra to the REST API of Zendesk.
This time I prepared an add-on for updating tickets on Zendesk.
* By the way, it can also be achieved with a Throwing Message Intermediate Event (HTTP) or Script Task instead of utilizing an add-on.
Related document: M225: Auto Sending of HTTP Request with Business data Inserted
Related document: M230: Auto Executing Complicated Data Processing (ECMAScript)

Concerning authentication and details of Zendesk’s API please refer to the following.
Zendesk document: Core API Introduction
Zendesk document: API reference – Update Ticket
* Note that configuration on Zendesk for accepting the API is necessary.

First, import the add-on for updating Zendesk tickets.

Download the add-on file below and import it to the Questetra App in reference to this page (M415).


Config items are as follows.

Config nameRequiredType
A: Sub DomainRequiredEnter the subdomain of Zendesk
B: emailRequiredEnter the email address of the login account for Zendesk
C: API tokenRequiredEnter API token obtained in Zendesk
D: Select TEXT DATA for Ticket IdRequiredSelect a String-type Data Item that will store the ticket ID passed to Questetra
E: Select SELECT DATA for Ticket StatusRequiredSelect a Select-type data to have a value of either Open/Pending/Solved/Closed
F: Select TEXT DATA for Ticket CommentOptionalSelect a String-type Data Item that will store the comment at ticket update
X: Select TEXT DATA for Log (update)OptionalSpecify a String-type Data Item to store the log output if needed
* Concerning obtaining an API token, refer to the following.
Zendesk document: Generating a new API token
Concerning authentication, Basic Authentication is also available instead of the API token method.
In that case, you need to modify the following parts of the source code of the add-on file.

  • In Config, substitute apiToken with password and modify the relevant part of the Config item to retrieve it accordingly.
  • Modify the logic of the portion that uses it as follows.
    • .basic( email + “/token”, apiToken ) -> .basic( email, password )

I hope that this simple sample App archive will also help you.

3. Summary

Thus, we have accomplished a collaboration between Zendesk -> Questetra -> Zendesk.
By all means, please try utilizing it yourself.

If you have any questions please feel free to Contact us.

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