The “Modeling function” that defines a Business Process can be enhanced by three aspects: a) Addition of a modeling icon, b) Mastering choice options, and c) PDF Auto-generation. By importing the following Add-ons, you can more efficiently define further advanced Business Processes. You can also create your own Add-on file by yourself.

Definition of Service Task .
Once imported, modeling elements that are not built in as the standard will be added to the modeling palette and used.
M415: Adding an Auto-Step to be Used for Business Process Definition
Master file of Select type Data Items.
Once imported, it eliminates the need to manually set candidate lists upon defining candidates for Select type Data Items since referring to the master becomes available.
M319: Register an Options-XML file to which the Process Model Definitions Refer to
PDF form in Service Task (PDF generation).
Once imported, you can use the function of document form generation in “PDF auto-generation”.
M228: Auto Generating PDF File with Business data Inserted
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