Displays an event history of events related to User’s login and logout activities, and the editing of User, Organization or Role settings.

Sysdtem Log
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  • In the login/authentication log, you can check the email address and the IP address of who accessed
  • You can check the records of any changes that are made in the User, Organizations and Role screens, including new entities being added, existing entities being renamed, or changes in the membership of Organizations or Roles
  • You can filter the System logs by specifying the date and time
  • The display order of columns can be adjusted in the Column window by dragging the grip lines next to the column headings
    • Column display settings cannot be saved
    • The default display count can be changed for each User from [Account Settings] > [List Settings] (common to all list views)
  • You can download system logs in CSV format (up to 10000 entries)
    • If the number of the target entries exceeds 10000, please separate by specifying the date to narrow down the number
  • The history relating Workflow App is recorded to [Process log]

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