Converter (ZENGIN to MizuhoCSV)

Generates a general transfer file for Mizuho Bank. The file of “ZENGIN format” defined by the Japanese Bankers Association is converted to the file for “Mizuho Business Web” service. Each line consists of “Customer Code 1” and “payment amount”.

Questetra-Model-XML Extract Definition

Extracts the definition summary of Business Process. Process-data-definitions (“number”, “data-type”, “name”) and Node (“number”, “name”, “nodeType”) are extracted from Model-XML file in QAR archive. TSV and/or HTML for WordPress are generated.

Questetra-Addon-XML Generate Digest-HTML

Generates HTML code. The Addon-XML file for Questetra BPMS is parsed and information such as summary, last-modified, config etc. is extracted according to the locale (XML escape is not decoded). After that, simple HTML code for Wordpress is generated.