Expense Claim

TSV String, Convert

TSV String, Convert

Changes the column order of TSV text. The new order is specified by enumerating the column IDs of the original TSV, like “0,1,3,0”. The new TSV text can also be stored in formats such as TSV file format and CSV file format.

Travel Request Flow

Allows multiple personnel to make an approval. By registering the deputy manager and assistant manager as “leader of the department (supervisor)”, other than the department manager become able to undertake the Task of [2. Approval on Travel]. Incidentally, the Operation of [2. Approval on Travel] will be allocated to a person other than who handled the [1. Register Travel] Task.

Expense Claim Monthly Flow

Expenses paid behalf are claimed collectively by month. Starts automatically in the “Morning of the 1st of every month”, and allocates the Step of [1. Input Expense/ Claim] to all employees. An employee inputs data of expense each time paid on behalf and saves, and claims when all input is completed at the end of the month. After approval by the supervisor and accounting, “Expense reimbursement claim PDF” is automatically generated, to which receipts to be attached to submit.

Out-of-pocket Expenses Claim

A User claims every time when expense paid out-of-pocket. Launched by emailing the receipt image taken with “smartphone” was done, and the amount and the date etc. of expense paid are automatically entered from the email body. At the Step of [1. Claim (appending], data of the claim can be added/modified, but it will be automatically submitted after 24 hours have elapsed. Users can make a claim also with a browser, and check the progress.