WordPress.com API

WordPress.com #Posts: Get

WordPress.com #Posts: Get

Gets an article on WordPress.com service. Specify the article (fixed page/post) by ID or Slug, and store HTML content, excerpt data, etc. You can automate tasks such as backup and transfer operations for website management.

Wordpress.com: Stats, Get Views

WordPress.com #Stats: Get Views

Gets the number of times the specified article has been viewed. Gets the subtotal for the specified period and the total for the entire period from Jetpack. It is also possible to obtain the daily values for the specified period in TSV format.

Wordpress.com: Media, Upload

WordPress.com #Media: Upload

Uploads new pieces of media. Even if multiple files are attached to the workflow data, uploads them all. It is possible to upload not only image files such as PNG and GIF, but also PDF and DOCX files.

Wordpress.com: Media, List

WordPress.com #Media: List

Lists the URLs of the content in the media library. Up to 100 items are listed in order of new arrival. It is possible to narrow down by the uploaded datetime. For example, it is used for monitoring public files that can be viewed from the Internet.