Quote Approval Process, HubSpot Integration 20221013
This process receives quotation data from the HubSpot Sales Hub, automatically generates a quotation PDF, and requests approval and approval. After approval, the quote approval result is sent to the HubSpot Sales Hub.
Workers (Number of swimlanes: 3)
  • Sales Representative
    • Sales Representative
  • Section Chief
    • Supervisor of sales representative
  • Head of Department
    • Supervisor of sales representative (head of department)
Workflow (Complexity of workflow diagram: 15)
  • 11. Drafting of quotation details
    • The sales representative drafts the quotation.
  • 71x. Call-back
    • The sales representative revises and resubmits the report.
  • 62. Approval of draft quotation (Section Chief)
    • The section manager checks the quotation and returns it if it is incomplete.
  • 243. Approval of draft quotation (Director)
    • The department manager checks the quotation and returns it if it is incomplete.
  • 18x1. JSON Data Reception
    • The system extracts the required data from the JSON data received from HubSpot and sets it into data items.
  • 15x2. Set PDF Filename
    • The system generates strings from fixed values and system variables and sets them into data items.
  • 5x3. Generate PDF
    • The system inserts the values of the specified data items into the mount PDF and generates a PDF file.
  • 22x4-1. Approval
    • The system sets the quote approval result (approved).
  • 23x4-2. Withdrawal
    • The system sets the quote approval result (withdrawn).
  • 25x5. Preparation for HubSpot integration
    • The system generates JSON data to be sent to HubSpot.
Business process variables to be passed on (number of data items: 37)
  • (Initial settings ※ Please set up in advance) 45
  • Workflow Platform URL q_Questetra_Url 44
  • ▼ Internal Communication ▼ 0
  • Special Case Notes q_Remarks 1
  • ▼ Submission Information ▼ 2
  • Company Name q_Company 3
    • Inserts into PDF
  • Contact Person Department + Title q_Assignment 4
    • Inserts into PDF
  • Representative Submitting Quotation q_Representative 27
    • Inserts into PDF
  • Postal Code + Address q_Post_Address 26
  • Telephone Number q_Phone 24
  • Email q_Email 25
  • ▼ Quotation Information ▼ 5
  • Estimator q_Person 36
  • (Approved by: Section Chief) q_Approved1 6
    • The processor is set for ‘2. Approval of draft quotation (Section Chief)’.
  • (Approved by: Director) q_Approved2 22
    • The processor is set for ‘3. Approval of draft quotation (Director)’.
  • Terms & Conditions q_Trade 7
    • 3
  • Quotation Issue Date q_Issuance 8
    • 3 days after the process start date and time. Inserted into the PDF
    • processInstanceStartDatetime.addDays(3)
  • Quotation Expiry Date q_Expiration 9
    • 17 days after the process start date and time.
    • processInstanceStartDatetime.addDays(17)
  • ◆ Itemised Table q_Details 10
  • Total Display 1 q_Label1 29
    • Inserts into PDF
    • Subtotal (excluding tax)
  • Subtotal q_Subtotal 11
    • Total value of the ‘Amount’ column in q_Details. Inserts into PDF.
  • Total Display 2 q_Label2 30
    • Inserts into PDF
  • Discount 2 q_Discount 32
    • Inserts into PDF
  • Total Display 3 q_Label3 31
    • Inserts into PDF
    • Consumption tax, etc.
  • Consumption Tax q_Tax 12
    • Automatic calculation of the tax amount from q_Subtotal. Inserts into PDF.
  • Label Total q_Label_Total 33
    • Inserts into PDF
    • Total amount billed
  • Total q_Total 13
    • #q_Subtotal + #q_Discount + #q_Tax. Results are inserted in the PDF
  • ◆ Quotation Footer Message q_Footer 14
    • Inserts into PDF
    • (Please edit this text with the initial value of ‘q_Footer’) (Please edit this text with the initial value of ‘q_Footer’) Questetra BPM Suite is a workflow product that enables business data to be transferred in the cloud. It is characterised by the ability to set up workflows simply by Drag & Drop operations, and includes such workflows as ‘Approval Flow’, ‘Order Billing Flow’, and ‘Claim Handling Flow’. Even complex tasks such as complaint handling flows can be systemised on site. If you would like to incorporate a function for automatic PDF generation of forms, or if you would like to propose modelling of other operations, please contact us. If you have any requests, please feel free to contact Questetra. https://www.questetra.com/contact/
  • PDF File Name q_Pdf_Name 15
    • Automatically generated at x2.
    • #{processInstanceId}-#{processInstanceStartDatetime}
  • PDF File q_Pdf_File 16
    • Automatically generated at x3.
  • (Data on HubSpot transmission and reception) 46
  • HubSpot Receipt (JSON format) q_Hub_Json 34
    • JSON data received from HubSpot is stored.
  • HubSpot Submission (JSON format) q_Hub_Json_Send 37
    • JSON data to be sent to HubSpot is stored.
  • HubSpot Send Response q_Hub_Send_Response 39
    • The resulting response sent to HubSpot is stored.
  • HubSpot Send Errors q_Hub_Send_Error 40
    • Errors resulting from submissions to HubSpot are stored.
  • Transaction ID on the HubSpot Side q_Dealid 42
    • The transaction ID received from HubSpot is stored.
  • Quote Approval Results for HubSpot q_Approval_Result 38
    • Contains quote approval results to be sent to HubSpot.

Field name, Num, Initial value


Only available in Professional edition.


  • On the HubSpot side, we use an app for Questetra BPM Suite integration (we can provide this if you ask us).
  • HubSpot Sales Hub, Sales Hub Professional or higher and Oparations Hub Professional or higher plans are required.
  • For more information on HubSpot, visit the HubSpot website.


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