Internal Training Application Process 20221227
This process manages applications for participation in in-house training programs. Once the application is received, the applicant is automatically added to the training schedule in the Outlook calendar.
Operators (Number of Swimlanes: 3)
  • Applicant
    • An applicant applying to participate in a training program.
  • Approver
    • The supervisor of the applicant applying to participate in the training.
  • Training Receptionist
    • Person in charge of accepting training participation.
Workflow (Workflow diagram complexity: 13)
  • 11. Application
    • The applicant enters the information required for the training application.
  • 41x. Re-application
    • The applicant must revise and resubmit the application or withdraw it.
  • 22. Approval
    • The approver will review the application and return it if it is incomplete.
  • 33. Reception
    • The training receptionist will accept the application and proceed to process it.
  • 12x1′. Set Subject (Withdrawn)
    • The workflow platform updates the subject line.
  • 10x1. Set Subject
    • The workflow platform sets the subject line.
  • 11x2. Data Preparation
    • The workflow platform prepares data for event updates in the Outlook calendar.
  • 7x3. Add Participants to the Event
    • The workflow platform adds the applicant to the event participants in the Outlook calendar.
Business process variables to be passed (number of data items: 8)
  • Applicant Organization q_org 2*
    • processInstanceInitQgroupId
  • Applicant q_user 0 *
  • Training Selection q_select 1*
    • The training you wish to participate in will be stored.
  • Reason for Application q_reason 3 *
  • Memo q_memo 4
  • Outlook Event ID q_eventId 5
    • The event ID of the training you wish to attend will be stored in the Outlook calendar.
  • Applicant’s Email Address q_email 6
  • Outlook Event URL q_eventUrl 7
    • The event URL for the training you wish to attend will be stored in your Outlook calendar.

Field Name, Num, Initial value


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