Work Request Flow

Work Request Flow
Records and manages work requests and completion reports. The requester appoints the request destination and inputs the work contents and desired completion date at the Step of [1. Input Request]. Employees who have been appointed carry out the requested work and report the completion at the Step of [2. Work on Request]. There are advantages such as status of work can be known, records are preserved, performance can be appraised, requests are visualized.
2019 (CC BY-SA 4.0) Questetra, Inc.
1. Input Request 1x. Answer 2. Work on request 3. Check
guide = Request =
search Requester
yyyy-mm-dd Date Requested
search Requstee
yyyy-mm-dd Desirable if finished before
multiple Work Requested
files Related File
guide = Correspondence =
multiple Completion Notification
files Attachment
discuss Memo


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