Human Task

Human Task

A work step that humans are in charge of. Generates an input form (Operating screen) automatically in accordance with the editing permission settings on Data Items. When the allocated operator fills out the form and finishes the Task, the token advances. Capable of supporting multiple branch outputs which can be chosen by the Operator upon finishing the Task, and a deadline can also be set.

Configs: Data Editing Permission
  • Data Item Name
    • (Data editing permission)
      • Editable
      • Only display
      • No display
Configs: Deadline/Email Notification
  • Deadline
    • No setting
    • (Relative specification)
      • (Starting point)
        • After this Task created
        • After this Process started
      • (select number)(0~)
      • (time unit)
        • minute(s) later
        • hour(s) later
        • day(s) later
    • Datetime specified by a Data Item
      • (Date (YMD)/Datetime-type Data Item)
  • Action at Deadline
    • No action
    • Abort task (token will move to Timer Boundary Event)
  • Email Notification
    • On Offered
    • On Allocated
    • 1 day before Deadline
    • 1 hour before Deadline
    • After Deadline
      • (select number) hours interval
Configs: Split
  • Split Type
    • The token moves to the Destination that a user selects. (The number of buttons corresponds with the number of destinations.)
    • The token moves to Destination according to the satisfied condition. (Only one “FinishTask” button is displayed.)
  • Determination of the destination
    • Button Name/Name
    • Conditional Expression (To be configured if “The token moves to Destination according to the satisfied condition” is selected” in Select Type)
      • Conditional Expression Setting
        • Always move to Destination Task
        • Set conditional expression in detail
          • (Data Item)
          • (condition)
            • Value has been entered
            • Value has not been entered
            • (Others/depending on the Data-type)
          • (depending on the Data-type)
            • (Enter value)
            • (Data Items/Choice ID)
        • Add condition
    • Destination
Configs: Automatic Processing / Error Handling
  • Data Item that attributes of a task are copied to when successfully finished
    • Operator
      • (User-type Data Item)
    • Operating Organization
      • (Organization-type Data Item)
    • End Time
      • (Datetime-type Data Item)
  • If there is no user corresponding to the operator setting
    • Move task to the error list of Process Manager
    • Abort task (token will move to Error Boundary Event)
Configs: Icon
  • Icon (6 types)



  • Possible to set a deadline
  • Possible to advance token at the deadline
  • Possible to notify allocation (Offered) of the Task by an email
  • Possible to automatically record the Task Operator and Task finished time to Data Items
  • If there is no user corresponding to the operator setting it becomes an Error Task
  • Possible to abort the Error Task and advance the token

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