Message Start Event (email)

Message Start Event (email)

Issues an email address for awaiting emails. Starts a new process automatically by receiving an email. Capable of storing the address of the received email, subject, text body, and file attachment as Data Items.

  • Process Starting Address
    • Domain part and part of account part are predetermined
  • From address (String type single-line)
  • From name (String type single-line)
  • To/Cc address (String type multiple-lines)
    • Process Starting Address is not included
  • To/Cc name (String type multiple-lines)
  • Sent date (Datetime type)
  • Subject (String type single-line)
  • Body (String type single-line)
  • Attachmentt (File)



  • The size limit of a receiving email is up to 31.5MB (including attachments)
  • For practical use, it is desirable to use with a mailing list, etc. adding the Process Starting Address to the list
    • If you receive email only at the “Process Starting Address”, the email received when an error occurs may be lost. It is desirable to be able to be received also at other email addresses.
    • It is useful when changing the “Process Starting Address” since it is not necessary to notify the new address if the address of the mailing list has been announced.
  • There is a possibility that Process not to be started automatically due to the limit of the number of startups of the entire Workflow platform
  • This function is disabled in the initial setting of the workflow platform
  • To use this function, check on “Enable Message Start Event (Email)” on [Message Start Event (Mail)] tab in [App External Connectivity] menu on [System Settings] page. (System administrator privilege required)

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