Google Drive: Delete Shared Link

Google ドライブ: 共有リンク削除

This item deletes the shared link accessible by anyone with the link or within the domain from the specified file or folder on Google Drive. Permissions for users or groups remain undeleted.

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Basic Configs
Step Name
Configs for this Auto Step
C1: User connects to Google Drive (must be App Administrator) *
C2: File / Folder ID from which to delete the shared link *


  • Users specified in C1 need to have a configured connection with Google Drive in [Account Settings] > [Google Connectivity]
    • Google Workspace Connectivity ([System Settings] > [Google Connectivity]) must be enabled on the workflow platform ([System Administrator Authorization] required )
  • You can delete shared links of files and folders created by [Google Drive: File Upload], [Google Drive: Create Folder], and [Google Sheets: Create File].


See also

Script (click to open)
  • An XML file that contains the code below is available to download
    • google-drive-permission-delete.xml (C) Questetra, Inc. (MIT License)
    • If you are using Professional, you can modify the contents of this file and use it as your own add-on auto step


function main() {
    const quser = getQuser();
    const fileId = getFileId();
    const permissionId = getPermissionIdToDelete(quser, fileId);
    deletePermission(quser, fileId, permissionId);

 * 実行ユーザを取得する
 * @return {QuserView} 実行ユーザ
function getQuser() {
    const quser = configs.getObject("conf_User");
    if (quser === null) {
        throw "User not found.";
    engine.log(`User Name: ${quser.getName()}`);
    return quser;

 * データ項目からファイル / フォルダの ID を取得する
 * @return {String}  ファイル / フォルダの ID
function getFileId() {
    const fileId = engine.findData(configs.getObject("conf_FileId"));
    if (fileId === null || fileId === "") {
        throw "File / Folder ID isn't set.";
    return fileId;

  * Google Drive API にファイル/フォルダの共有設定一覧を取得する GET リクエストを送信し、
  * 削除対象の共有設定の ID を返す
  * type が anyone または domain のものが削除対象
  * 削除対象の共有設定がない場合はエラー
  * @param {QuserView} quser  Google Drive に接続するユーザ
  * @param {String} fileId  ファイルの ID
  * @return {String} permissionId  削除する共有設定の ID
function getPermissionIdToDelete(quser, fileId) {
    const url = `${encodeURIComponent(fileId)}/permissions`;
    const response = httpClient.begin()
        .googleOAuth2(quser, "Drive")
        .queryParam("fields", "permissions/id,permissions/type")
        .queryParam("supportsAllDrives", "true")
    const status = response.getStatusCode();
    const responseStr = response.getResponseAsString();
    if (status >= 300) {
        throw `Failed to get permission list. File:${fileId}, Status:${status}`;
    const {permissions} = JSON.parse(responseStr);
    const permissionIds = permissions
        .filter(permission => permission.type === "anyone" || permission.type === "domain")
        .map(permission =>;
    if (permissionIds.length === 0) {
        throw `No shared link to delete. File:${fileId}`;
    // Web UI から設定できる anyone / domain の共有設定は 1 つのみ
    // 共有設定作成の API を直接叩けば anyone / domain の共有設定を複数作成できるが、ここでは考慮しない
    // もし複数ある場合は 1 つ目だけ削除
    return permissionIds[0];

  * Google Drive API に DELETE リクエストを送信し、共有設定を削除する
  * @param {QuserView} quser  Google Drive に接続するユーザ
  * @param {String} fileId  ファイル ID
  * @param {String} permissionId  削除する共有設定の ID
function deletePermission(quser, fileId, permissionId) {
    const url = `${encodeURIComponent(fileId)}/permissions/${permissionId}`;
    const response = httpClient.begin()
        .googleOAuth2(quser, "Drive")
        .queryParam("supportsAllDrives", "true")
    const status = response.getStatusCode();
    if (status >= 300) {
        throw `Failed to delete permission. File:${fileId}, Permission:${permissionId}, Status:${status}`;

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