Generate PDF File

Inserts business data into a Base PDF form and automatically generate a new PDF file. Although Adobe Acrobat etc. are needed for the preparation of a Base PDF, it is also possible to download a Base PDF with selecting fields from the setting screen, unless you do not care about its layout.

  • the PDF form as the template *
    • URL
      • URL
    • App-shared Add-on
      • Name
    • Add-on
      • Name
  • File type data item to save the PDF file *
  • delete other files when saving
  • String type data item to specify the saving file name *



  • Use “Field Name” of Data Items as the insertion ID to specify for the name of forms (Form Field) of Base PDF (e.g. “q_name”)
    • (In addition to “Field Name”, a format using data definition number can also be used (e.g.: “data [9] .input”))
  • The maximum file size of Base PDF (Add-ons) that can be registered is 20MB
  • URL Reference specification in “the PDF form as the template” is subject to [HTTP Destination Filtering] (v14.1 and later)

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