Restrict the targets of HTTP communication from the Workflow App. Registering hostnames that allow communication as a white list will prohibit communication to other hosts.

HTTP Destination Filtering
  • Enable HTTP Destination Filtering
    • Allowed destination
    • (Click to add an entry field)



  • The HTTP Destination Filtering function can be accessed from the tab on App External Connectivity < System Settings
  • Check the “Enable HTTP Destination Filtering” checkbox to enable the registration of hostnames.
    • At least one hostname must be specified
    • Only hostnames with alphanumeric hyphens can be specified
    • Wildcards (*) can be used in the hostname
      • Example: If you specify *.example.com, both hello.example.com and world.example.com will be included
        • However, the subdomain hello.world.example.com is not included
    • You cannot specify by IP address
    • To register multiple hosts, click to add an entry field
      • The maximum number of hosts that can be specified is 100
  • HTTP communication is restricted for the following items and functions
    • Throwing Message Intermediate Event (HTTP)
    • Script Task
    • Built-in automated processes (including start events)
    • Add-on automated processes
    • PDF generation
      • When a Template PDF is specified by URL
    • Select-type Data Item
      • When a choice master is specified by URL
    • HTTP Authorization settings
      • OAuth2 token acquisition
  • The same workflow platform is not subject to restrictions
    • HTTP communication to [Message Start Event (HTTP)] and Questetra REST API of the same workflow platform is always permitted

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