Bundles Tasks which particular worker will be in charge of. In principle, a single user handles Tasks in a Swimlane. The Operator is set using the information of Organization and Role and the relationship with the Operator of other Swimlanes.

Configs: Operator
  • Operator
    • User/Organization/Data Item/Swimlane
    • Role
  • Option for excluding Operators
    • Users who accepted tasks in SWIMLANE are excluded
  • Option for Allocating/Offering
    • All tasks are handled by the same one user / the user in charge of the first task.
    • The operator of each task can be made a different user. For each task, candidates will be asked for acceptance.



  • Multiple rules for defining Operators (candidates to be offered) can be specified
  • Possible to exclude users who operated Tasks on other Swimlane from candidates
  • Possible to offer to candidates at each every Task

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