Questetra is constantly improving, taking security measures and adding functions to our product so that our customers can use it more comfortably and safely. We are also continuing to improve the user interface in accordance with changes in web technology. Regarding the form screen for Task Operating, we are planning to improve this in the future as well. However, we would like to inform you that the Advanced Layout feature, which allows the user to significantly customize the Operating form screen, will be discontinued in April 2022 as a result of considering the usage situation.

We apologize for any inconvenience this would cause users who are using the Advanced Layout feature. Since it is now deprecated and is scheduled to be discontinued in April 2022, please check the following schedule details and switch to the standard layout (i.e. disable the Advanced Layout) by the end of March.

By the way, even on the standard layout form screen you can modify the layout using the columns setting, etc. Moreover, when adding/deleting Data Item definitions, it won’t be necessary to edit the layout HTML individually, which reduces the time and effort required to manage Workflow Applications.

Reference: Design a User-Friendly Input Form

Schedule for Discontinuation of Advanced Layout feature
  • Notification for the scheduled deprecation is now displayed on the settings screen (as of version 12.3.2, released January 2021)
    • No actual effect on this feature
  • An app-definition error will occurs if this function is used (any of the versions that will be released between July 2021 and January 2022 as of version 13.2, released October 2021)
    • Active Apps (which have already been released) will not be affected
    • To modify an App, disable the Advanced Layout to resolve the app-definition error so that it can be released
  • The feature will be completely discontinued (version 14.0, to be released in April 2022)
    • Apps using Advanced Layout will be forcibly switched to the standard layout