Let’s experience the Enterprise Social Networking Feature!

Associating with Workflow

Although Open Chat is a powerful business tool by itself, it is unique for it can be used in association with the Workflow.
A business Issue flowing on the Workflow is associated with Open Chat as a “Topic”.

You can browse the summary of the Issue, and jump to its detail page (Workflow), as well.

You can easily and quickly post/comment on a work flowing on the Workflow.

It is a powerful feature to make Issues on the workflow flowing smoothly.

It is convenient since you can refer to related posts also from the Workflow.

You can refer to the related post also on the Operating screen.

Since you can exchange questions about the work etc. on the same screen, you can carry out your work smoothly.

How was it?

Could you understand the Open Chat feature?

The points are…

  1. Knowledge!” for sharing the know-how that seems going to be buried!
  2. Trouble!” for transmission and resolution of an emergency situation, speedy!
  3. Workflow association!

It is a place where you can share tacit knowledge such as wiseness and knowledge in close association with work and stock it.

In addition, Open Chat is designed to be able to carry out these with fun.

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