Let’s experience the Enterprise Social Networking Feature!

Utilizing “Topic”

You can organize posts by associating with each one by “Topic“. Moreover, in the topics built-in as standard, there are “Knowledge!” and “Trouble“.


Adding Topic

To add Topic in a message, type a # and Topic name following it.

It’s like a hashtag on Twitter.

Topics will be indicated like in this picture.

Listing posts by Topic

Clicking a topic name will list the posts with the same topic name throughout the entire posts.
It may be useful for looking for related posts!

Following Topics

You can Follow Topics you care so that messages which someone posts with the Topic to be displayed on your Timeline.

So to speak, it is like subscribing a Topic.

A Topic you are following is displayed like this picture.

What is going on in the company now?

In the “Popular Topic“, Top 10 Topics which mostly posted with recently are displayed.

“Trouble” and “Knowledge!”

There are “Trouble” and “Knowledge!” as Topic incorporated in standard.
With “Trouble“, the occurrence of the problem can be quickly conveyed. Moreover, solutions could be suggested by an unexpected person.
“Knowledge!” will help to collect wiseness/knowledge to be shared.

You can respectively access the list page of “Trouble” and “Knowledge!” from the side menu.
You can also follow “Trouble” and “Knowledge!” as Topics.

1. Let’s experience the Enterprise Social Networking Feature!
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3. Reacting to a post
4. Utilizing “Topic”
5. Attaching files to a post
6. Utilizing on smart-phones
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