Let’s experience the Enterprise Social Networking Feature!

Reacting to a post

As a matter of course, you can respond to a post such as posting a “Comment” and giving a “Good!” Moreover, you can add emotions and nuances by “Sticker” so that make communications fun.

Making a Comment on a post

Ah, there is a post from Katherine to Mervin.
To make a comment (reply), click on “Comment“.

If you add @[User name], your partner will be easy to notice.

Mervin made his comment.

On Katherine’s Timeline, it is indicated like this.

Reacting “Good!” to a post

You can react “Good” to a post as you do on Facebook.

It will be nice if positive posts and useful posts get more “Good” reactions.

Since the posts that got Good for the last 30 days are listed in “Good! to everyone“, it will motivate them.


You can also add “Stickers” to a post.

Click on smile mark and click on the one you selected, the sticker is inserted to the message.

It’s a little fun since you can share your emotional nuances which would hardly be worded.
A sticker can be posted solely.

Researched well-established social networking services such as Facebook, Yammer, Twitter and so on and picked the best of all. That is the Open Chat, an enterprise social networking function.
1. Let’s experience the Enterprise Social Networking Feature!
2. Posting to it
3. Reacting to a post
4. Utilizing “Topic”
5. Attaching files to a post
6. Utilizing on smart-phones
7. Associating with Workflow
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