Questetra BPM Suite is equipped with an enterprise social networking Feature, which is referred to as Open Chat.
In this article I will focus on Open Chat and introduce how to use it.

This article is oriented for people who are using Questetra BPM Suite.
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Enterprise Social Networking “Open Chat”

When you think of social networking, you probably think of Facebook and Twitter.
An enterprise social network, so to speak, is like Facebook (or Twitter) dedicated to your company.

Enterprise social networking that will never let you down

It has original features unique to Questetra, such as…

  • “Knowledge!”; for sharing know-how that might otherwise be buried
  • “Trouble”; for speedy transmission and resolution of emergency situations
  • “Workflow association”

These functions are the secret to accumulating useful internal information and building a constructive community.

Now, let me explain how to actually use Open Chat!
1. Let’s experience the Enterprise Social Networking Feature!
2. Posting to Open Chat
3. Reacting to a post
4. Utilizing Topics
5. Attaching files to a post
6. Utilizing on smart-phones
7. Associating with Workflow