Here you can set the authority to manage Workflow Apps or to control Processes. There are some levels of authorization: App Administrator, Process Manager, Data Viewer, and so on. In addition to granting to each User, you can grant using an Organization or Role.

App Authorization App List
(App List)
    • App ID
    • Category (hidden in default)
    • Priority (hidden in default)
    • App Nmae
    • Created by
    • Active Version
    • Note (hidden in default)
(Display control)
  • (Filter search)
    • Category / (Search select box)/
  • (Control bar)
    • Page
    • View
      • 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500, 1000
Configs: App Authorization
App Administrator
  • New Authorization
    • Delete / Authorized Object
  • Authorized User List
Process Manager
  • New Authorization
    • Delete /Authorized Object
  • Authorized User List
Data Viewer
  • New Authorization
    • Delete /Authorized Object
  • Authorized User List
Data Viewer (only Progress Information)
  • New Authorization
    • Delete /Authorized Object
  • Authorized User List
Configs: New Authorization
  • Add a specific user
    • User* (search select box)
  • Add users related to a specific organization
    • Organizations*
    • Target*
      • Leaders or staff members of
      • Leaders of
      • Leaders or staff members in sub organizations of
      • Leaders in sub organizations of
  • Add users of a specific role
    • Role*



  • Authorization is split into four levels as the following
    • App Administrator
      • Able to access the App Detail screen to edit, release and suspend the App
      • Users can also grant or delete App Authorizations to other Users for that particular App
    • Process Manager
      • Able to Terminate or Delete all Processes on the App, and forcibly allocate Tasks to a particular User
    • Data Viewer
      • Able to view Process information such as that held in Data Items, and may search for Tasks in the menu
    • Data Viewer (only Progress Information)
      • Only able to view the progress of a Process, i.e. the path of the token on the workflow diagram
      • The content of Data Items is not visible
  • To edit data in a running Process both Process Manager and Data Viewer authorization are required
  • App Authorizations are set on each App
  • If a User creates a Workflow App they automatically have App Administrator, Process Manager and Data Viewer rights for that App
  • It is often more efficient to set authorization for Organizations and Roles, and then add Users to the appropriate groups, rather than setting App authorization for each User individually
  • On the App List, some columns are hidden by default
    • You can select columns to display by clicking on the title row then checking the checkboxes on the list of column titles in [Columns] menu

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