Here you can set up Questetra to use Single Sign-On (SSO) using an external ID Provider. This allows you to login to Questetra without using a password.

  • Enable Single Sign-On
  • Disable Password Authentication
IdP Configuration (Display when Single Sign-On is enabled)
    • Entity ID *
    • Sign-in page URL *
    • Sign-out page URL
    • NameID format
    • Digest algorithm
      • SHA-1
      • SHA-256
      • SHA-512
    • Authentication lifetime
      • 2 Hours
      • 1 Day
      • 7 Days
      • 30 Days
      • Never
    • Verification Certificate *
SP Information
    • Entity ID
    • ACS URL
    • Single Logout Service URL
    • Verification certificate



  • By checking the “Enable Single Sign-On” box the IdP Configuration and SP Information are revealed
  • You will be required to register with an ID Provider to use SSO, and you must refer to instructions provided by them to complete this process
    • During registering for SSO you will be asked to provide information from your Service Provider (in this case Questetra), and you can copy the details from the SP Information section into the corresponding form on the ID Provider’s settings screen
    • The details in SP Information must be copied into the web form of the external ID Provider (e.g. Google, Salesforce, Azure AD, etc.) or an XML configuration file which will be sent to them
  • Once the process of registering with the ID Provider is complete they will provide you with the Entity ID, sign-in page URL and verification certificate necessary to complete the set up on the Questetra side
    • The ID Provider will then provide an Entity ID, Sign-in page URL and Verification certificate to copy into the Questetra IdP Configuration
  • Disable Password Authentication means that the option to log in using the Questetra account (email address)/password will be disabled
    • Users must then use SSO to log in
    • Only users with administrative privileges will be able to sign in using their Questetra password, by clicking on the padlock icon to the right of the password form
  • Once SSO is set up you will be given the option on the login screen “Login using Single Sign-On”
    • Clicking this option will take you to an external page where you can select the account you wish to use to sign in to Questetra
    • If you are not currently logged into your ID Provider account you will be required to do so in order to access Questetra using this method
  • It activates on Service Provider (SP) and supports POST method

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