A graphical display of the numbers of Users and under processing Issues on the workflow platform, and the amount of storage space taken files.

System Summary
  • Number of users
    • Year/Month
  • File repository usage
    • Year/Month
  • Number of running processes
    • Year/Month



  • Each graph has a drop-down menu allowing you to select which month’s activity you would like to view
  • Number of users: This displays how many User accounts are registered on your workflow platform
    • You can use this to keep track of how many User accounts are still available to be used, which depends on what type of service plan you have
    • You can also see the rate at which your number of Users is increasing over time which may indicate your future requirements
  • File repository usage: This displays the amount of space that is being used by files in the workflow platform
    • Total of File-type Data Items and attachments to Open Chat
    • Using this you can identify if you have sufficient disk space available, and if you will need to delete unused files or increase capacity
  • Number of running processes: This displays the number of Processes on your workflow platform that currently have the status “running”

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